Konner K1:the helicopter

Made using the best technologies in the aerospace industry, the ultra light helicopter Konner K1 has a turboshaft engine with FADEC.

The exceptional power of 250 SHP makes K1 helicopter having the best ratio power weight in the World .

The safety, the reduction of the vibrations, high technologies, power, agility, controllability and comfort and the design who give life to the helicopter.


TK250:the turbine

A sum of technology and pasion has created the turbine engine with the best power/weight ratio in the world.

The 250Shp power concentrated in less than 50kg of weight, controlled by the FADEC system guarantee generosity and reliability in all conditions of flight .

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INVESTORS Konner Srl is a private company, solid, strong, valid and reliable firm. It had financed itself for every developed project. If you are an accredited investor and you would like to consider any potential future investment opportunities feel free to contact us at: info@konnerhelicopters.com read more
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