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If you’re thinking about buying a K1, Konner will be pleased to receive You in Friuli, and more precisely in Carnia, the ideal place to try our helicopter, staying in wonderful farmhouses, eating local culinary specialties and flying above the Carnic Alps.

The program provides:

  • First day
    • guided tour in Konner’s facilities
    • lunch in a characteristic place, where the first taste of our cuisine and wine will leave you speechless
    • in the afternoon, our technicians will illustrate the development of our company and of the “Konner turbine” project
    • in the evening there will be the transfer to the farmhouse to continue the journey in the flavors of Carnia
  • Second day
    • Flight test: our pilot will make you fly above the areas near us, where you’ll be able to test our helicopter in a unique context and a breathtaking landscape.

Two unforgettable.

Send your request now and you’ll be contacted within 15 days to decide the date of your flight.

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