2 October 2014

The visit at Konner Helicopters


Last days, I and Liva, visited the company Konner Helicopters, located in the industrial area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAmaro (UD). The company building an ultralight helicopter whose presentation was made by president Maurizio Zamparini to Malignani last February.
Intrigued, in particular, by the power turbine, we made an appointment, we were received by the Technical Director Erich Dario.
The company is located in a modern industrial building, elegantly slender, with a large glass area; the inside is obviously very bright, has two floors, on the top floor is the direction with the design and trade offices, the lower floor of the workshop building is used for various test laboratories.
Arrived with great curiosity and some concern, we came out with the certainty of seeing a product with important technical characteristics of high-profile.
Konner K1 is the design appealing, very well taken care of in the car finishes, with full instrumentation, easily readable by the pilot. Completely built in carbon fibers, it has a maximum takeoff weight equal to 450 Kg, with a maximum available power of 250 horsepower: this ensures the power to weight ratio of less than 2 kg / hp, such as to allow a ratio of climb of 2600 fpm to a tangent up to 15,000 feet.
The cruising speed of 115 knots for a maximum range of about 590 kilometers rounds off the performance certainly notable for an ultralight.
The performance is guaranteed by the turbine developed and manufactured by the same company, the engine that combines a relatively simple construction with a sophisticated control system FADEC that enable the delivery of forward power of 250 hp with a weight about 50 pounds; all with reliability (TBO) today reached 2,000 fh.
The Konner has set high standards of quality and safety and is certainly respected for what we saw.
The warehouses are sorted and clearly divided between different parts.
The following assembly / installation reach a great technological level with the balancing procedure of rotating the turbine which runs at about 80,000 rpm.


                                                                                                                  Roberto Maestron

Konner Srl
Via Fratelli Solari 18 - 33020 Amaro (UD) Italy
Phone +39 0433 468234 / fax +39 0433 94307
P.IVA 02257300307
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