The new helicopter that simplifies the pilot's work comes from Amaro

8 June 2016

“K2 Italia” is the name  of the brand new helicopter produced by Konner, a company based in Amaro, in the Northern part of Italy.

It is a new two-seats model, born after the K1. The engine fuel is the commonly used car Diesel (the other fuels that can be used are: Biodiesel, JP-1 and JP-4). The fuselage of the helicopter has been realized in carbon-kevlar fiber. The helicopter has a turbine engine designed by the engineering team of the company.

The “K2 Italia” has an electronic management system called “FADEC” capable of making automatic the functioning of the engine, simplifying the pilot’s work.

The technical characteristic are:

  • empty weight: 380 kg
  • maximum take-off weight: 1000 kg
  • pay load: 620 kg
  • take off power: 250 shp
  • cruise speed: 240 km/h
  • load compartment capacity: 1200 liters
  • maximum range: 600 km


Sergio Bortoluz, the owner of Konner, says:«We are aware that with the “K2 Italia” we have created a jewel of technology. The recent debut of our new helicopter in a important fair in Germany has strengthened this belief, thanks to the considerable interest found.»


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