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The TK-250 turboshaft engine: a concentration of technology, cutting-edge solutions, software design of the first order,

professionalism , passion and conviction have allowed Konner gas turbine division to develop the engine turboshaft world's lightest in its category: 250hp concentrated in 50 kg of pure passion. Konner , owner of the construction technology and design of the turboshaft engine , ensures high availability production , technical assistance, maintenance and global management of spare parts .

TK-250 is derived from an experience of over thirty years in the field of turbines and air force, years of research, development, thousands of hours of testing on the bench and in flight on vehicles used in real laboratories flying with only aim to affirm the reliability of an engine that makes the power, ease of use and safety the cornerstone of his being.

The FADEC (full autority digital electronic control) developed by Konner gas turbines division provides electronic engine management in all its phases, the automatic switch allows the driver to listen to the power flow without worrying about managing any parameters. During the flight, the pilot must only engage the engine, exploiting their quality to the end, while the FADEC provides immediate response, efficiency and operational limits .

The presence of redundant electronics guarantee proper operation of the turbine in any condition, a battery of support systems dedicated and separate power ensure the availability of energy to electronic systems. The graphical interface and an elegant and essential  digital dashboard allow the pilot a continuous monitoring of the motor.

DIESEL: this is the fuel of the TK-250. Thousands of flight hours using diesel fuel certify the reliability of the turboshaft engine installed on Konner K1. The low flammability, the availability in every corner of the globe and the reduced cost of diesel fuel, making it the ideal fuel in aviation. Imagine the ease of being able to supply to any service station for cars, anywhere in the world. The fuel circuit, injectors, combustion chamber, filtration systems and preheating of the fuel, the pumps and the FADEC are designed to ensure efficiency and reliability with the use of multiple fuels and mixtures of them without the need of technical intervention. Among the many fuel used and widely tested in flight on the TK-250,  the most popular and interesting are diesel, biodiesel, JP - 2, JP - 4 .

Reliability, security, power and lightness, intrinsic(inherent) qualities enclosed within the TK - 250.


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