The rotor

The main rotor is semi bearingless type, with three blades made ​​of composite materials, rotor head and shaft master in special steels. The management system of the step, and delay flapping of the blade, based on the use of elastic elements bearingless, it ensures high reliability and low maintenance costs.

The realization of the blades made ​​of composite materials has allowed the aerodynamic optimization, with appropriate selection of the profiles to the various sections from the root to the tip of the blade, as well as the necessary twist to optimize performance in hovering and advanced flight, providing excellent properties in autorotation for maximum safety in flight. The stiffness, elasticity, the distribution of mass and the high ratio of lift to drag of the blades, obtained thanks to the use of composite materials, allows very high levels of security and energy rotor in the event of autorotation .

The three-blade rotor ensures low vibration levels and eliminates the problem of  normally mast bamping present in two-bladed rotors. It guarantees high safety indexes in autorotation, answers, and fast reaction to power demands of the pilot of the helicopter and high stability even in case of gusts of side wind.
The tail rotor is made ​​with two blades in composite material. The drive shaft to the tail represents the expression of the high technology applied on Konner K1, built of carbon fiber has been realized in such a way as not to require intermediate supports along the tail boom. In this way you eliminate the normal problems of misalignment of the supports, reduces maintenance costs and significantly increases the reliability of the system.

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