Instrumentation: Konner K1 has redundant digital instrumentation. Built on ultra high brightness using first choise data recording systems that guarantees visibility and clarity in all light conditions diffused or direct. The integration of digital displays flight information, engine and helicopter with captivating exhibition logic and clear, combined with a location on the bridge easily viewable by the driver guarantees clear and immediate information to the crew.

The organization allows the choice of multi-screen display providing the correct information to the pilot. The board instrumentation is not limited to be a display on which you can see the various parameters, coordinates hundreds of information per second, deriving from the engine, by the instruments on board and from the helicopter,  clearly highlights the pilot any alarms through visual messages, and voice alarm headphones. An additional function performed by digital instrumentation is the storage of protected memory of all flight data, engine and helicopter for over 2000 hours of flight. The equipment is easily configurable to read the information in the  Anglo-Saxon or international system of measures, at the choise of the pilot.

High brightness and visibility, clear and accessible, security, data storage and design are the character of the digital instrumentation developed specifically for Konner K1 .

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