Hybrid assistent system (HAS)

Hybrid Assistant System ( HAS):

imagine you are on board your aircraft, in the situation of suffering an engine failure, suddenly run out of fuel or have need for surplus power take-off or landing. The normal procedures for autorotation or glide allow high chance of safety for the crew, provided that we are in the hands of an experienced pilot and quickly find a suitable landing area. From today the outlook is revolutionizing thanks to solutions developed by "Konner gas turbine division"

Imagine yourself in the above situation aboard a Konner Hybrid version, where a special electronic control, when it detects the need more power brings into service an electric engine  that can deliver up to 50hp power axis of the aircraft. In this way the pilot, assisted by the hybrid motor, can make a perfect autorotation being able to have, throughout the duration of a power of 50hp .
The input phases in autorotation will no longer be the nightmare of less experienced riders, the time for the input becomes larger. The recovery of any early rotor rpm lost will be practically immediate thanks to HAS . The availability of power during the descent trajectories allow longer facilitating the search for a perfect place to land, the phase of the flare and landing will be made ​​easier and safe by providing guaranteed power by HAS. In conclusion this system excessively amplifies the possibilities to correctly perform a landing even in case of engine failure, and to eliminate the so-called " dead man's curve ", characteristic of the phase of takeoff and landing, of each single engine helicopter. The HAS approaches considerably the behavior of a single-engine airplane that of a twin-engine .

The total revolution comes from the complete integration made ​​by the team of " Konner gas turbines division " between the electric motor and turbine TK -250. The continued focus on research and development of the management structure led to build the first hybrid engine aircraft in the world . The hybrid version called TG- 250HY , integrates in the complex turboshaft an electric motor that can deliver 50hp in case of need . A special electronic control and management coordinates the operation of the electric motor with the turboshaft.
The deep integration of HAS it possible to contain the increase in weight due to the electric motor and its accessories in less than 15kg. To achieve this objective, the used electric motor performs three functions: starter motor of the gas turbine, generator for charging the batteries and supply of energy to the auxiliary services of the airplane, engine support in case of need .

Only such a level of integration allows to apply the hybrid solution level aeronautical, otherwise excessively heavy and complex. The achieved saving weight by the use of the same engine, battery and electronics to fulfill the three functions of starter, generator, auxiliary power, is only possible at Konner, owner of the technology as well as the helicopter turboshaft. The HAS, still in the final testing phase of flight in the flying laboratories of Konner Helicopters, will soon be available as an option. It is guaranteed as of now the opportunity to those who were to buy the Konner without the option, to integrate it in a second time at their discretion.

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