The TK-250 turboshaft is equipped with the last generation electronic system that automatically manage the engine functionality for the pilot's peace of mind.

The TK-250 is extremely simple to start-up, operate and shut-down. A simplified procedure is described below:

  1. AUTOMATIC STARTING: just move the dash board selector from OFF to IDLE and the FADEC will start-up the engine automatically, in total safety for the engine and the crew, keeping the engine parameters within the safety limits and stabilizing the speed of the IDLE set-point of 80%;
  2. GO TO FLY: When you are ready to lift-off, move the selector from IDLE to FLY and the FADEC will bring the RPM in operating range. The FADEC will keep managing the engine functionally and all of its parameters during the flight so it can be performed in totaly safety and the pilot won't need to worry about controlling the engine. The FADEC also serves to keep the engine within the manufactured established safe parameters at all time hence eliminating the possible human factor;
  3. SHUT OFF the TK-250: if you decide to shut the engine OFF, move the selector from LIGHT to IDLE position. The FADEC will immediatly bring the RPM down to the IDLE set-point of 80%. At this point, the pilot needs to move the selector back to the OFF position and the FADEC will initiate the actual shut-down procedure and soon after the engine will automatically shutdown.


The TK-250 electronics have been developped to allow the operator to fly with a high degree of redundancy and safety as well as flexibility:

  1. Two indipendent ECU guarantee complete engine control in any situation;
  2. The pilot can choose at any time during the flight, whether to use the main FADEC  ensure that all the functionally and parameters of the engine are under control within limits at all time, while the back-up ECU. The FADEC ensures RPM stability and continued running of the engine in case of a fault or malfunction of the FADEC unit.
  3. TORQUEMETER: the TK-250 is equipped with a torquemeter which is a high precision instrument that allows to know at any given time the used, and so forth the still available power. The margin of safety is increased and the power reserve is always very clear for the pilot.


  • Automatic engine protection against out-tolerance operations;
  • Provide automatic engine starting;
  • Better system integration between engine and aircraft;
  • Provides engine long-term health monitoring and diagnostic;
  • Reduces the number of parameters to be monitored by the flight crew.




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