Carbon fibre

The helicopter in carbon fibre:


Konner 1 introduces to the aeronautical world the concept of monobloc structure in carbon fibre, idea widely used in aerospace and Formula 1 fields.

The helicopter entirely of carbon fiber is designed as a single assembly that performs the structural functions, support, containment and aerodynamic so as to ensure a correct distribution of the loads, one vibration damping along the entire nacelle avoiding stress concentrations, break points and a significant reduction of total weights.

The possibilities offered by composite materials to handle robustness, elasticity and stiffness parties allowed a perfect sizing of the cockpit to ensure the safety levels required by industry regulations without sacrificing aerodynamic efficiency, the aggressiveand attractive  design and the comfort for the crew.

The cabin provides plenty of space for the driver and passenger, a large trunk, several compartments and pockets. The comfort of the seat is accompanied by a high sound insulation.


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