Konner K1


Konner K1: strength, power, safety and design come together, a new era takes shape. Konner K1 is meant to represent the idea of freedom: freedom to travel, to move, to reach popular and inaccessible destinations. Freedom to live unique emotions on board of a helicopter is unique in the world . The development team that led Konner K1 gathers the specialists of the aviation industry, engineering, materials, motor and design. Ten years of hard work, research, passion and dedication have enabled the development of K1, helicopter stands for performance, light weight, power availability, reliability and security .

From the division "gas turbine engines" born the heart of K1, a turboshaft engine capable of ensuring 250 hp, whose exuberance is contained in only 50 kg weight. The latest technology come together in the motor and the latest generation FADEC allows the driver to exploit its features in complete safety and tranquility.


Konner K1 combines the philosophy that led: melt the passion, technology and dreams .


Konner K1 Konner K1 Konner K1 Konner K1 Konner K1 Konner K1 Konner K1
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