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  • KONNER K1 is a gas turbine engine helicopter, whose performances and features are described in the technical file that can be read on this page.
  • KONNER s.r.l. are continuously improving and perfectioning their products; therefore the technical and performance features described in the technical file above mentioned can be subject to adjustment at any time, at complete discretion of KONNER s.r.l. up to delivery.



KONNER s.r.l. offer you to book the purchase of KONNER K1 at the following conditions:

  • estimated price: by the configurator is possible to have a first release of the K1 Konner, created on your needs and tastes, which will then be managed by commercial Konner.
  • Delivery date: The delivery date will be communicated once the order is placed and it will depend upon the already existing orders and delivery schedule.



By paying the refundable deposit you acquire the right to get a booking number to purchase a KONNER K1.



KONNER s.r.l. will insert the booking number on the production list, following the assignement progressive order.

  • The production list does not include helicopters designated for marketing campaigns, factory or dealer demonstrators, flight testing, or helicopters not intended for sale to the general public.
  • The booking number cannot be transferred to third parties.



On the basis of the production list KONNER s.r.l. will organise the production of your KONNER K1 and will send you the “Start Production Letter” (herein SPL), containing the start of production date and expected delivery date.



To grant the pilot the best comfort and to achieve a unique and inimitable product, KONNER K1 is produced according to the specific requirements of buyer.


The standard equipment of KONNER K1 can also be enriched with a list of optional equipment, which can be supplied upon buyer’s request.


To personalise and choose your options, KONNER s.r.l. invite you to visit the factory company, so that you can evaluate the materials and the finish and the production organisation. It is also possible to make arrangement for a flight trial.


To deliver your KONNER K1 as soon as possible, we need prompt communication of all the personalization details and of the chosen options.


You can start personalising your KONNER K1 on the site www.konnerhelicopters.com.



On the basis of specific requirements the final price will be decided, and the purchase contract will be drawn; the contract will be filled and sent back to KONNER s.r.l. within 30 days from receiving SPL.


The purchase contract will be regulated by the Italian Republic laws.



The selling price of a KONNER K1will be detailed in a specific quotation where the customer specifications will be considered.


The price will be quoted net, exluding all the sale expenses and any other tax, or levy or obligation or expense established by the law in connection with the purchase, sale, transfer, use, registration, export and import of KONNER K1.


Methods and terms of payment will be defined in the purchase contract, where the balance due before delivery will be quoted.


The contract will also consider payment of advances during production.


Possible costs for transport to final destination are carriage forward.



At the beginning of the production, the buyer will receive credential to log-in the KONNER s.r.l. site, where it will be possible to follow on-line the production steps.



KONNER s.r.l. will communicate the date of delivery of your KONNER K1.


At the moment of delivery, you will have members from KONNER s.r.l. staffat your disposal, to give you all the necessary information for your own and third parties’ safety.



The deposit is refundable to the date of receipt of SPL.


If the buyer withdraws from booking before receiving SPL, KONNER s.r.l. will give back the deposit, with a deduction of € 500.00, as refund of expenses for booking management.


If the buyer withdraws from booking after receiving SPL, or if the contract is not drawn within 30 days after receiving SPL, the booking number is cancelled from the production list and the deposit is acquired by KONNER s.r.l. as penalty according do the provisions of art. 1382 civil code.


To their complete discretion, KONNER reserve the faculty to terminate this booking agreement, giving the whole deposit back, without applying interests or penalties.



In any case KONNER s.r.l. will be free from any obligation deriving from the booking agreement giving the whole deposit back.


In no case shall KONNER s.r.l. be liable for consequential, indirect, punitive, incidental or special damages whatsoever arising out of or relating to this deposit agreement.



This Booking agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Italian state.


For any controversy between the parts the competent court is exclusively the Udine Court (Tribunale di Udine).



If some disposition in the booking agreement are declared invalid by a court or other jurisdiction authority, the agreement will anyway be effective in the other parts, and the invalid dispositions will be substituted either according to the law, or in order to equally balance the interests between the parts.



This Deposit Agreement (and the rights in the Deposit Agreement) are not assignable or transferable by Buyer to third parties without the written consent of KONNER s.r.l.



This Deposit Agreement may be modified only in written form



Buyer agrees that, except as expressly set forth in the purchase agreement of KONNER K1, KONNER s.r.l. makes no warranties, express or implied, and specifically excludes the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use.



All the communications relating to the booking agreement of KONNER K1 shall be sent:

to KONNER s.r.l. at the addresses as per point 20 of this agreement;

to the buyer, at the address shown in the booking form or in the purchase contract.

Any communication or request will be considered as given to made when actually received or 24 hours after dispatch, according to which event occurs first.



The parties agree that the “documents” regarding the agreements to the purchase of KONNER K1 can be digital and that the “digital documents” are equivalent to the paper documents. The parties agree that the communications from and to the e-mail addresses shown in the agreements are equivalent to signed documents.

By paying the deposit, you state to have read, understood and accepted all the clauses above reported.

Before the purchase contract, the sale conditions are subject to discretional modification on part of KONNER s.r.l.

KONNER s.r.l. do not pledge that the agreements for the purchase of KONNER K1 are the same for all the buyers.



KONNER K1 is produced by KONNER s.r.l., an Italian company , with registered office in 33020 Amaro (UD), via F.lli Solari n. 18

codice fiscale e partita IVA 02257300307

telefono +39 0433 468234 - fax +39 0433 94307

e-mail info@konnerturbine.com - posta elettronica certificata konnerturbine@pec.it

All the communications regarding KONNER K1 must be sent to one of the above given addresses.

Konner Srl
Via Fratelli Solari 18 - 33020 Amaro (UD) Italy
Phone +39 0433 468234 / fax +39 0433 94307
P.IVA 02257300307
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