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Step 1: Booking 

We want to maintain a high standard of quality and we have a growing number of orders. 


To ensure delivery in the shortest time possible, it is advisable to obtain a reservation number to buy the "KONNER K1".


Delivery time:

The delivery time will be provided once the order is placed and that will depend on the existing orders and delivery times.


Please be informed that all content displayed on this site are not binding and have no value in legal and contractual terms as will be drawn up for each purchase, proper documentation.


To configure your Konner K1 click the button below "Configure your K1"


Step 2: confirm the order 

Konner Srl., as soon as the order came, formed with list prices, will tell you the final price reserved for you and will invite you to let her know the headquarters.


Step 3: delivery 

When K1 is completed according to your requirements, you will be invited to take possession of your helicopter.

Konner Srl
Via Fratelli Solari 18 - 33020 Amaro (UD) Italy
Phone +39 0433 468234 / fax +39 0433 94307
P.IVA 02257300307
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